Blockley Lodge No. 6345

A Masonic Symbol for God

All Masons must profess a belief in a Supreme Being


Blockley Lodge welcomes all eligible men interested in Freemasonry to consider approaching the Lodge for candidacy. Although Freemasonry is secular and multi-faith, all candidates for membership must declare a belief in God as the Supreme Being. However, no one is questioned about their personal understanding as to the nature of the Supreme Being. Discussions about religion and politics are never permitted during actual Lodge meetings. All candidates must also be of demonstrable good character.The qualifying age for English Freemasonry is generally 21 years. However, as a University Scheme Lodge, Blockley Lodge is able to obtain a dispensation from this rule in order to initiate members aged 18 and upwards.

Oxford Brookes University 

Blockley Lodge is the official University Lodge for students of Oxford Brookes University and students there are warmly invited to consider approaching the Lodge for candidacy. The Lodge is a participating member of the UGLE Universities Scheme.

Blockley Lodge Crest